Real "Croissant" that lights up (Croissant-Lamp)


Made From Real Croissants

The Croissant is the perfect incarnation of the most famous of French pastries.


The lamp is made from real croissants pastry, and each lamp is unique as there are no two identical pastries.

It is the most difficult of all our lamps to produce, but the results are worth it: a delicate expression of light that can only be felt by using freshly baked croissants

This lamp provides a soft ambient light source and is designed to be displayed on a table or desk.


Each lamp is unique

During the manufacturing process, the bread is carefully hollowed out.

The artist prepares real baguettes and viennoiseries, bakes them, then removes the crumb and coats them with a layer of resin to protect them and guarantee their conservation.

Inside, she installs LEDs and a power supply system and that's it ! In addition, it is coated with an anti-bacterial and antifungal to protect and seal it for years to come. 

Who is the artist Yukiko Morita?

This incredible lamp is part of the Pampshade project of the japanse artist Yukiko Morita.

Passionate about design and in love with French bakery products which she finds "cute" and romantic, the artist had the fabulous idea to combine the two.

These wonderful lamps with warm and diffused light allow you to create a magical luminous atmosphere.

All Pampshades lamps are hand made by the artist. 

No plug is needed (only 1,5 VOLT battery)

Technical specifications :

Materials : bread flour, cake flour, salt, yeast, LED lights, battery

Power supply : AA x 1 battery (not included)

The service life of LED lights is estimated at 50,000 hours.

Size : 8-10cm width and 12-13cm length.

Adapter : AC100V-240V 50/60Hz 0.3A, DC12V 1.0A

As each Pampshade is made of real bread, there will be natural variations in color, size and shape.

Brightness : This pampshade can gently illuminate a space within reach. 

Operating Instructions : To turn this product on/off, simply place it on a flat surface to activate the sensor switch.

Delivery & Warranty

All items and works are professionally packed and sent from Paris.

We deliver anywhere in the world, for a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks.

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