Brigitte Tanaka is a French-Japanese duo of designers.

In a general way, their creative work is centered on the misappropriation of everyday objects.

These objects often come from French or Japanese culture, and may have crossed the ages.

Through their new playful approach, they are kind of brought back to life.

Each brand explores a singular idea around this main concept.

Our services...

After 20 years of creating and 10 years in sales and distribution, Brigitte Tanaka offers consulting services.

Creation and design :  Jewelry, fashion accessories and décor from conception & drawing to prototypes.

Production : Production management for third-party brands through our manufacturer’ network (France, Japan, Italy).

Collabs : Collaboration possibilities for products combining Brigitte Tanaka’s spirit with another brand.

Tailor-made atelier : Leather, ceramic, jewelry and fabric personalization with our artisanal and traditional technics.


Brigitte Giraudi

Brigitte studied at La Villa Arson before creating Missbibi, a brand miniaturizing Victorian jewelry items. With Chieko, she continues to develop her passion for misappropriation but in other forms of fashion accessories.

Chieko Tanaka

Chieko, originally from Tokyo, is passionate about design and French culture. Her romantic and feminine universe gives their refinement to Brigitte's conceptual ideas.

Our Flagship Store

18 rue Saint-Roch, Paris 1st

Our boutique is located at the corner of rue St-Roch and rue St-Honoré, in Paris.
In the past century it used to be Robespierre's former hairdressing.
Today, it houses the Brigitte Tanaka's know-how and reflects the authenticity of their universe.
Adjacent to the church of St-Roch, the decoration of this place plays with the codes of this linked building, and it thus becomes a work in its own right of the two creators.


Thursday and Friday from 1pm to 7pm and by appointment



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