Bakery" bag in organza and embroidery


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These bags are an artistic diversion, combined with design Contemporary A. And initiatives ecological

Tanaka duet Sustainability and Poetry In our daily life, they interpret the common things themselves.

In the contradiction of our consumer society, this is embroidered into the inspiration bag of organza Wine It is a novel and commercial plastic bag substitute.

Who is Brigitte Tanaka?

Bridget Tanaka is a fictional character with a pair of French Japanese designers hidden behind her. Their creative work revolves aroundEmbezzlement of daily goodsThe brand opened a shop at 18 St. ROC street in central Paris, bringing together his creations and a number of original products.

"This little shop in Paris is a treasure of a beautiful souvenir..."fashion

A successful French Japanese curiosity firmUrban

This is a nest of new objects Grazia


Size: 30 × 40 cm
Material: Organza & amp hand embroidery
Maintenance: manual or mechanical washing at 40 ° C

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All articles and works are packed and sent by professionals.

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 Who is Brigitte Tanaka?

Brigitte Tanaka is a fictitious character behind which hides a duo of Franco-Japanese designers. Their creation work is focused around theAppropriation diverted from everyday objects. The brand has opened a shop bringing together its creations and a selection of original products at 18 rue Saint-Roch in the heart of Paris.


"This little Parisian boutique is a real treasure of chic memories [...]" -Vogue

"A successful Franco -Japanese curiosity cabinet [...]" -Metropolitan

"Favorite for this lain of revisited objects [...]"- Grazia


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